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At Primary Diets our goal is simple: to support pig producers around the world to make the best nutritional decisions for their livestock and their business.

With 100% focus on the piglet sector, we work in close partnership with every customer. Our expert teams offer a personalised approach, focused on tailoring our responsible feed solutions to their individual needs and ambitions.

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Best decisions made together

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Leading Nutrition

Giving piglets the best start prepares them for a lifetime of great performance. Our piglet feeds have been carefully developed and are constantly evaluated to ensure our customers see great results from their early feeding decisions.

Trusted Partners

We don’t just produce piglet feed, we pride ourselves on developing close relationships with our customers and working with them to create the right feed solutions. We know our pig producers and their businesses well: we are trusted partners delivering practical, no-nonsense advice.

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British producers, global focus

Primary Diets has a truly global footprint. We maintain an international network to ensure we are educated in the best nutrition and management strategies from around the world, and that our piglet feeding solutions can travel! We are proud to supply products and technical advice into Europe and beyond.