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Primary Diets is a UK based, specialist manufacturer and supplier of piglet nutrition solutions for both indoor and outdoor production systems.

The business has been built on a reputation for high quality, high performance diets to support pre and post-weaning health and maximise performance and farm profitability.

Trusted partner

Our business brings together expertise in piglet nutrition, starter feed manufacture and customer support, with a team committed to delivering the highest standards. We continually drive ourselves to ensure we are ready for future challenges in pork production and we are proud to be accredited by a number of quality assurance schemes.

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AB Neo & AB Agri

Primary Diets is part of AB Neo

AB Neo is a division of AB Agri that exclusively focuses on nutrition solutions for neonates – young, newborn animals – across multiple farm livestock species.

AB Neo has a network of experts who can provide a wide range of top products for professional pig production.

AB Neo Innovation Farm

(Centre of Excellence)

We are totally committed to pig production research and continue to work with numerous university partners. We also have direct access to AB Neo’s state-of-the-art innovation farm based in Spain.

The farm has facilities for up to 8,400 piglets in a cloud-based environmental controlled system with links to the maternity farm, allowing for pre-weaning nutrition evaluation, as well as to the grower/finisher farms so that we fully evaluate impacts on lifetime performance. This facility will allow us to test our class-leading innovation in ‘near market’ conditions.

Read more about AB Neo


What makes Primary Diets different?

In our 25 year history, Primary Diets has continued to follow three core philosophies to get us where we are today:

1) Ongoing Research Programme

Knowledge and understanding of the real nutritional needs of piglets has been our driving force. Our continuous research programme, working with key universities (over 300 trials to date at the University of Leeds) and commercial customers, is exclusively focused on piglet nutrition.

2) Improved Fixed Formulation

Our formulations are fixed so that the feed is the same in every delivery. We do not change formulations to meet a price, they are maintained to meet performance and therefore consistency on farm.

3) High Quality Ingredients

Only quality raw materials are used to maximise early piglet performance. Quality and food safety are not compromised for price and milk proteins are always of food grade quality to maximise digestibility and nutrient utilisation.

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