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Primary Diets currently supplies products and technical advice to 20 countries globally. As such, we are part of a truly international network at the forefront of nutritional science. We supply either directly or via distributor networks plus we have some strategic partnerships with selected businesses to allow local manufacture.

Our nutritionists and account managers work closely with our international customers to fully understand their market, before proposing tailored nutrition solutions, which can be supplied in a number of ways.

Our global footprint

Primary Diets' global footprint

Ian Ross

Having extraordinarily effective early pig diets formulated by Primary Diets in our product portfolio has allowed our entire swine premix and starter business to grow substantively. Offering early pig diets to prospective customers that “wow them” in terms of piglet growth and feed conversion is a confidence builder which frequently results in additional business opportunities in the nursery, sow and grower/finisher feeding phases of the operation.

Ian Ross, President & CEO, Grand Valley Fortifiers, Canada