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Our dedicated nutrition team are responsible for delivering high quality, consistent and cost-effective products to help your piglets perform to their potential. Our philosophy is simple; we use the latest information from our ongoing research programme to design diets with a strong fundamental nutrition approach and we use the best quality raw materials to produce them. As market leaders, we constantly invest in understanding the mechanics of feed and the science behind our trials. We only change product formulations to improve them in line with this research; this improved, fixed formulation approach is fundamental to Primary Diets’ success.


Primary Diets has a long-term commitment to research, predominantly at the University of Leeds where we have carried out 300 trials to date. These trials enable us to collect detailed information about piglet performance and health as well as individual piglet growth measurements. We also support PhD and placement undergraduate students at several other universities. Following successful university trials, new concepts are taken onto commercial farms and tested to ensure the science is practical in application. We are constantly striving to use our knowledge and research to shape sustainable progress within piglet nutrition.

Richard Lister

Primary Diets’ research and innovation ensures their products consistently deliver in terms of pig performance and customer profitability.

Richard Lister, J C Lister Farms
Benchmarking Performance

Commercial trials are used to benchmark our products under a range of real conditions. This helps us to best understand the impact of factors including genetics, health and management. We recognise the complexity of piglet nutrition and the importance of a successful starter period. It is well-known that piglet performance in the nursery drives lifetime performance and our approach aims to maximise productivity and profitability.

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Technical Support

We believe that nutrition is key to optimising farm performance. We take a whole-farm approach, offering ongoing support and evaluation for every customer. Our nutrition solutions and technical support can be supplied in a number of flexible ways. We collaborate with customers and their advisors, using our knowledge and expertise to make the best decisions and deliver the best results.