How do I maximise piglet performance?

Piglets have an immature immune system at weaning yet face high stress factors, such as leaving the sow and entering a fresh environment full of new pathogens. Given the lifetime benefits of maintaining good health during this process, priority must be given to encouraging feed intake, stimulating gut maturation and helping the piglet to adapt to a solid diet.

The specialist supplementary products from Primary Diets are designed to positively help the piglet in periods of stress, delivering potential lifetime benefits.

How can sow nutrition influence piglet performance?

With sows regularly producing bigger litters, nutrition requirements of lactating sows must be carefully assessed to ensure optimal sow welfare and productivity as well as good litter health and growth. Increased demand for milk by many suckling piglets results in higher energy requirements and if this is lacking, it can lead to poorer sow intakes, poor litter weights and thin sows at weaning.

Primary Diets’ specialist sow products are designed to boost sow productivity, body condition, colostrum production and fertility results.

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