• An acidified electrolyte for piglets, specifically formulated to aid gastrointestinal function and encourage water intake
  • Suitable from birth as well as a few days pre and post weaning
  • Particularly useful for rehydrating sick or scouring pigs
  • Suitable for use during periods of stress
Piglets On Floor
Danmilk Supreme

DanMilk Supreme 1.0

Supreme 1.0 is a sow milk replacer for very young piglets.

  • Increase weaning weights (by up to 1 kg)
  • Increased survivability (by 2-6%) 
  • Reduce the need for cross-fostering piglets or nursing sows
  • Provide less stress on the piglets themselves
  • Give biosecurity benefits through less movement of pigs

(customer data review, Denmark, 2020)

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Piglet Boozt

Piglet Boozt is a liquid iron supplement. Iron is a key nutrient that is needed for growth as well as feed conversion in piglets. Piglets are born with 50mg, enough for approximately 1 week, therefore it is highly recommended that iron is supplemented, particularly in fast-growing pigs.

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Piglet Boozt
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