Milk cup system

Pump’n’Grow™ is a complete milk cup system that can accommodate herds of all sizes up to 4,000 sows. It has an automatic filling system to attract piglets and each manifold will service up to 6 farrowing houses.

With the number of piglets born alive per sow per year continually increasing, the Pump’n’Grow system offers multiple feeding options and is simple to operate.

Use DanMilk Supreme 1.0 in the system

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Guarantees fresh milk for all piglets, with key benefits including:

  • Sows can take care of an additional 1-2 piglets, resulting in less cross-fostering and nursing sows
  • It encourages piglets to work the sow by combi-feeding
  • Higher weaning weights are achievable
  • It supports stronger/heavier piglets at weaning, which can continue throughout the lifetime of the pig
  • A potential for lower feed costs from weaning

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