DanMilk Supreme 1.0

DanMilk Supreme 1.0 is recommended for use in the Pump’n’Grow milk system or can be mixed by hand and fed in small dishes to support challenged/orphaned piglets.

Supreme 1.0 is a sow milk replacer for very young piglets. It contains pure milk ingredients and easily digestible fat with added vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and is perfect to supplement the sow’s own milk in situations where there are large litters or to help supplement smaller piglets with multiple options, being the sow and milk cup.

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Using Supreme 1.0 has been demonstrated to:

  • Increase weaning weights (by up to 1 kg)
  • Increase survivability (by 2-6%) 
  • Reduce the need for cross-fostering piglets or nursing sows
  • Provide less stress on the piglets themselves
  • Give biosecurity benefits through less movement of pigs

(customer data review, Denmark, 2020)


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