AdiCare Vita

AdiCare Vita is a blend of natural ingredients designed to support the sow during farrowing. Its unique combination of functional fibre, rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, probiotics and prebiotics can help to reduce farrowing duration and support an increased number of live born piglets with greater vitality.

Vita can also help to reduce the risk of constipation and hypocalcaemia, with less human intervention required, and can reduce the risk of muscle fatigue and adverse stress reactions during farrowing.

AdiCare Vita can be fed in anticipation of/at the time of digestive disturbance. It should be used alongside the normal feeding regime, which should not change. It can be used safely with frequently prescribed veterinary medication if required.

Recommended usage: 200 gram per sow per day for 5 days before farrowing and 5 days after farrowing.

Adicare Vita

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